Automatic roll Inspection with Artificial Intelligence

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Instant defect detection on rolls, flexible with new products, integrated with production lines and easy to use!
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Replace individual solutions

Automated and machine vision application do one job for you, we cover all of your needs, now and ever!

Why Choose Fabriqc

We cover all your machine vision needs and offer a wide range of products to suit any budget.


production lines change as cusomers needs change, FabriQC learns from your products and give more flexiblity to production managemnet


As you promise your customers good quality, you can’t tolerate human errors during inspection, over 90% precision and complete ID report, make you reliable partner for your customers


helps you deliver a high quality product to your customer, finds the root cause of defects, show the insight of production instantly

How does it make diffrence?

FabriQC gives you more privilges rather than before,

Without Fabriqc

production line Quality Control is legacy and will be obsolete image
image Human Error and Labor intensive
image Low Speed of production line
image Low profit on production
image Inconsistent

With Fabriqc

You are prepared for next decade image
image >90% defect detection precision
image Less dependency to human
image Flexible to new products
image Consistent

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

What is Fabriqc?

An AI-driven application with simple to use hardwares for roll base production lines, installing and using this application with your production line is easy and comperhand

How does it work?

by help of our specialist, put the hardware anywhere in your production line, and press start button, you can input the desire defects numbers to stop autopilot

How does it acquire?

Request a Demo, and our specialist will contact you within less than 1 day.

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